Steve Mut

Steve Mut

Steve Mut
President, Oil & Gas Operations

Steve Mut has over 35 years of oil and gas exploration and production experience in all parts of the world, including positions with ARCO as President of Latin America, and CEO of SURE, Shell Unconventional Resource Energy.

In 1997, Steve was named President of ARCO Global Energy Ventures where he was responsible for the development of a start‐up downstream business development company whose mission was to expand ARCO’s growth avenues in proximity to its exploration and production core. Utilizing a $35MM expense budget, the unit developed four business line precursors, which eventually spun off two businesses – ARCO Integrated Power and a small Asian LPG business.

Steve began serving as President of ARCO Latin America in 1998, during which time he was responsible for the execution of $3.5B of capital commitments in oil and gas developments over a five-year period in Venezuela and Ecuador. When ARCO was merged with British Petroleum in 1999, he left to form his own business, Integrated Energy Investments (IEI). As President and CEO at IEI, Steve was responsible for the development of a $250 million investment fund that allowed investors the opportunity to directly own the economic substance of oil and gas properties in Venezuela.

In 2000, Steve returned to big oil as Vice President of Shell Exploration and Production – Unconventional Resources. He led a team for the next five years to develop vast oil shale deposits in western Colorado and throughout the rest of the world with a new environmentally sensitive technology.

Prior to joining Coachman Energy Steve retired from his post as CEO of SURE (Shell Unconventional Resource Energy) where he managed multibillion dollar, multiyear oil and gas development projects in Latin America, Europe and North America.

Steve has served in various positions for the Society of Petroleum Engineers, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, National Mining Association, Western Regional Council and United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association. He earned a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from Rice University in Houston, Texas.